FM Academy has been created in 2020 with the target to find new Traders that will collaborate with our Broker and Hedge Fund Sponsors. The Academy is build from the same Founder of the Trading School and Broker so the connection between them is really high.

The Academy will constantly scouts new Trades as the diversification is always a key point in Investment Industry.

Pure Market is the new way of trading with extremely low market spreads, no requotes, Real STP and DMA, absolute transparency and the latest trading technology.

Our mission is to provide you the best possible trading environment so that you can focus on trading and become successful with us.

Pure Market has been built by traders for traders in 2016. Our Management has trading experience that goes back to 1999 and has successfully traded on all major financial markets in Europe.

GIT is a company born in 2016 that mainly deals with training in the trading sector. The founder, Cristoforo Maria Giordano is an independent trader who operates on the currency and stock markets.

The company organizes Live and Online training courses, aimed at users who want to learn basic or advanced techniques, to deal with financial markets with professionalism.

For professionals who cannot take a traditional or online course, we have activated personalized coaching courses. The core business of the company is certainly training in the trading sector!