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Frequently Asked Questions

Fund Manager Academy is the first Trading school in partnership with a Broker and an Hedge Fund that will help you to build your own future.

We will teach you how to approach the market and how to manage correctly the risk and to control your emotion when you trade. FM Academy will guide you and help to build your own Trading Technique that you can then use and apply with the Broker partner that will give to the Best Trading Funds to manage.

– 1 month training
– 1 month demo
– 1 month live

The duration can be extended in case one of the target of the Step is not achieve. Each participant can try to pass to the next Step 3 times for each Step.

The Academy as 4 Steps:

1- Training
2- Demo Trading
3- Live Trading
4- Sign of Agreement and Start of the cooperation

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The Education is composed by 11 main areas that start from Forex base, technical analysis, macro, risk management and psychological aspect of trading.

It’s possibile to do a live training in Palermo where the School has the office or you can follow the Classes online and get every week a one to one talk with our trainers.

No, during Step 2, 3 and 4 the Risk Management of the Broker and Teacher from GIT will be in constant contact with you on Skype to guide you during the decisions and to control the emotions during Trading, specially when is with real money.

The starting amount under management will be 50K EUR. But the amount can increase with the time or based on the profitability of the Strategy or R/R ration. There is no CAP amount, so for really good strategy the amount can go over 1 mil EUR.

During STEP 3, you will manage a 10K EUR Account, so all the profit during the month is all for you.

During all the duration of STEP 4 as the amount is variable the performance fee applied is HWM and can be variable from 10% up to 30%.